View Poll Results: Does the new overclock revitalize your patience for Palm?

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    I just posted and wrote up an article on my blog. Thanks to able to connect all the users and giving caj2008 and his team to be able to offer us users the 720mhz & 800mhz overclock. I think this will revitalize everyone's infatuation with webOS. I installed the patch right away, and this thing is freaking snappy. and I am just one happy Pre user now and I can definitely hold on to this until a new Palm device comes out.

    At the end of the day, we will have tons of happy Pre owners, or a bunch of fried Palm Pre eggs.

    Anyone who didn't try it out yet, I suggest you try it out, feel the speed, if you get scared just uninstall it!

    Palm Pre OS1.4 Overclocked to 720mhz and 800mhz
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    No, the phone is still too slow. The problem is that WebOS is slow, not the hardware. This has the same hardware (faster overclocked) as the iPhone 3GS yet it's not even half as fast WITH the 800Mhz patch installed.
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    I don't think so, are you using the 800mhz? I've used it for a few hours now and I must say that its amazing what a big difference the feel is to it. the phone application doesn't lag anymore when going to speaker or keypad and loading bluetooth and wifi from shortcut is much faster. load times are almost instant if not just 1 glow of the splash card. this definitely gives Palm a huge incentive to make a newer phone tailored to the speed.

    and i don't think its right to even compare the iphone OS to webOS.

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