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    a rep from HS (if your reading this i was hoping you'd accidentally leave the treo 90 DARN) came to my store today to do an informal survey on the TREO and she showed me a mockup of a slightly different treo. the most notable difference was the hinge on the flip, it looked cleaner and smoother. there were also a couple of little differences like the bump outside the flip was smaller, the silver (or grey) color was different and the notch on the flip for the up button was gone. from the response she got from the other staff and the cus, everyone liked the newer model. so there you have it, the CDMA version might even be better looking that the ones out now. although she did say HS might change future manufactured 180's and 270's too.

    now that i think about it i wish i took a picture(not that she would have let me, i think)
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    thanks. Yeah, I expect the CDMA to look a little different in size. A little fatter I believe ;-). I don't think it's too much fatter though, because we already have the GPRS phones and they're not that bad at all.

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    By your description, it sounds like it looks like the treo 90 currently on handsprings home page.
    Does it look like that like that?
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    best way i can describe it is, it looked more aerodynamic. the hinge on top is not existent.

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