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    Wow I would have loved to see some figures to actually back that claim up. Basically someone's sentiment (accurate or not) wrapped up in an ego boosting blog. How useful! NOT. "Truthiness" at its best.
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    Elevation has a lot at stake with Palm Therese Poletti's Tech Tales - MarketWatch

    It seems, though, from a cursory read of regulatory documents, Elevation's losses are not nearly as steep as one might think. Because Elevation's biggest investment in Palm was $325 million in preferred stock, that investment still retains its original value. The firm also has other preferred shares and warrants.
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    actually, palm is just the only investment mentioned on the first page of a three page article. it goes on to mention forbes, and yelp
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    not saying that i think the claims made by the article hold up... just saying.
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    Whoever wrote that knows nothing about investing. You don't realize a loss until you sell. As long as Elevation Partners holds their palm stock, then the only losses they have experienced are on paper and not real.
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    Why do I think of the orchestra on the Titanic when I think of EP? The post on Engadget the other day, about Palm's survival guide, pretty much sums up my feelings about the company. I love the webOS, but from the marketing, to build quality, to the pace at which the phone has gotten to the point where I am marginally satisfied, I am doubtful that they are going to stay in the game too long. I wish they'd launch a mind blowing new device and prove me wrong. And properly market that mofo for goodness' sake.
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