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  • They'll make a new phone and rule the smartphone world

    38 40.86%
  • They might do something cool, like license Webos

    20 21.51%
  • They'll make a tiny comeback, but fail in the end

    11 11.83%
  • They'll be bought out

    24 25.81%
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    I love the Pre but Palm can't make it as a going concern at this point. It was a good try and they advanced the smartphone cause some but I am sure they are actively considering a liquidity event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    And once they have the IPR what do they actually need WebOS or the Palm brand for? They can take the IPR and close down the company.

    RIM - already developing it's own next generation OS, unlikely.

    HTC - Android is free and supported by someone else, difficult to beat.

    Nintendo - em.. yeah...
    HTC is dependent on Windows & Android. It's always nice to add in another OS if they think they can sell it. An in house OS ensures that HTC is future proofed. (Much like google creating android in the first place so that they could make sure there's mobile devices out there with google services)

    HTC's problem with android is that it takes them time to upgrade Sense. Too much time? And Google calls the shots on android.

    And of course there's the patents.
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