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    The following is part of an e-mail response I received from Handspring:

    "In the second half of the year around July or August, Handspring plans to offer a software upgrade that enables Treo to work on GPRS networks. The upgrade will be available from Handspring's web site. The current hardware in Treo is GPRS-ready.

    "We are currently working with Sprint PCS to offer a CDMA version of Treo this summer."

    So, no new timeline for the CDMA version, but this is the first time I've heard Handspring actually give a month (or, two-month period) when the GPRS upgrade will actually be available.
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    thanks for the info ;-)
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    There is some belief that GPRS won't succeed before 3G arrives, leaving GPRS an expensive solution due to the few subscribers. Here is the link.
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    I can't wait to see the 2.5G and "3G" pricing battles between VoiceStream, Cingular and Sprint when the Sprint network launches. Up until now Cingular and VoiceStream were not overlapping, but now that they are beginning to intersect and Sprint blankets them both it could get very interesting.

    I look forward to the battle royale in August, and the deals to follow! I would also like to predict some interesting "charter member" deals with Sprint...

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