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    i think the effects of marketing are much less important than many of you believe. Hard- and software rated well in test reports and by users are much more a factor in influencing a customers decision than any (ANY!) tv ad.

    it would be quite helpful if the pre wasn't as laggy as it is right now and could keep up with for example a ipod touch with worse hardware...
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    Iphone adds in the UK don't actually mention the user experience. All they push is the App store and people are seduced by that.

    When the PDK comes out of beta and Palm are ready to release a boatload of apps to bring some parity with the other OS's out there they have to advertise the fact like their existence depends on it and let's face it, in many circles it does.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by fussnfeathers View Post
    .....Rather than compare Apple to Palm within the 9 month period from store launch, every dang writer compares Palm at 9 months to Apple at three years. That's way too skewed. Makes Palm's store look bad, by posting an artificial comparison....
    But this is the reality that Palm is facing today. In today's actual universe. And it's what consumers see right this dang minute, in the real un-skewed world, when they compare iPhone to the Pre/Pixi.

    Do you think it would somehow be more fair to compare Palm 3 years from now with Apple today? To erase Apple's actual 3 year head start?

    Oh wait. I'm forgetting that in 3 years (or more likely within 1 year), Palm will no longer be selling any products. By then, they may have been bought by Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Nokia, just for their patent porfolio. Let the bidding begin.

    Or, if nobody buys Palm, they'll become a patent troll, suing anybody who infringes on their patents, like SCO tried with UNIX. Here's Jean-Louis Gassee's take on Palm's imminent fate:
    Who will buy Palm? | Monday Note

    Palm lost 3 or more years due to reorgs, shaking customer and developer confidence in PalmOS by hedging their bets with WinCE, blowing money developing that ridiculous Foleo, and spinning off and buying back Palm OS without materially improving it. Palm aggressively made nearly every huge mistake management could make other than burning down the building.

    There's your 3 years. So yeah, go ahead. Just rewind time, undo all the gigantic management mistakes Palm made, fantasize about the glory that could have been, then fast-forward 3 years to compare your shiny fictional successful Palm of 2013 with today's Apple.

    There! Would that be less dang skewed? Would that be more realistic?
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    Palm wasn't successfull because of these reasons:
    • Hardware isn't high end and doesn't attract most people
    • bad advertising
    • bad management
    • slow execution of the company's plans
    • Palm wasn't upfront communicating a valid roadmap for its platform
    • WebOS was released in a very immature form
    • No native apps (till the PDK came out in beta)

    I believe that Palm doesn't stand a chance. I just hope that WebOS survives somehow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Palm's goal should've been appealing to those sprint & verizon customers who want something like an iphone but won't move to AT&T. Sprint is cheaper. Verizon has the coverage.

    These people weren't wanting a smaller screen iphone with a kb. HTC puts a slab (Hero) out on sprint with a 1.5? beta OS and it becomes a hit. All those sprint people rush to buy it because hey..looks like an iphone. Moto did similar on Verizon with a big screen phone. Hey..almost looks like an iphone! Instant hit.

    I really think Palm would be riding high right now had they released a solid high end slab device initially and stuck with it. Many thought that is what they had going prior to CES 2009.
    Sorry for quoting myself. Samsung gets it though.. Almost looks like an iphone.

    Samsung announces Galaxy S Android smartphone -- Engadget
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