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    Does anyone know for sure whether the 270 cdma will work with other cdma carriers (Verizon) if purchased without a plan? Will we be locked into Sprint?
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    Sprint has an exclusive cobranding agreement with Handspring "for an undisclosed period." If the Kyocera 6035 is any indication, you won't be able to use the Sprint phone on Verizon's CDMA network. With the Kyo, you have to buy a Sprint version to use Sprint PCS, or buy an identical model from Verizon to use Verizon Wireless. So the bottom line is: probably not this year.
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    Actually, a very popular thing to do with the Kyocera 6035 was to take a Sprint 6035 and reprogram it for Verizon service using a set of widely available instructions on the internet. It was very easy to accomplish and a very popular thing to do when the 6035 was the only PalmOS smartphone around.

    However, this will likely not be the case with the CDMA Treo. Since it is going to be a Sprint phone, its digital frequency will be only 1900mhz. Verizon's digital network is a mix of 1900mhz and 800mhz so even if you could repgrogram the Treo for Verizon service, in an 800mhz CDMA area, you will either have no service or if the Treo ends up being dual-mode (which I doubt it will be), you would go into analog mode, which makes using web applications impossible. Of course, there is the possibility that the phone could end up being a dual-band phone so it will support 1900 and 800mhz CDMA but then you have to reprogram it and unless you know how to (Verizon won't have a clue), its till useless to you. Bottom line, its all specualtion at this point until the unit is released but I really wouldn't count on being able to use the CDMA Treo on the Verizon network for some time.
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    Originally posted by Marty1781
    Bottom line, its all specualtion at this point until the unit is released

    To true, however the 3G standard white papers suggest that a Dual band 800CDMA/1900PCS system is what we may expect.

    Heres hoping anyway

    Craig Wadsworth

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