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    So, my girlfriend is planning on getting herself a Pre Plus from Verizon in the next few weeks. However, she is somewhat concerned about Palm's tumbling stock-- and we were curious-- what exactly could happen to current Pre owners and their contracts/support if Palm goes bankrupt or is bought out by another company? Would we suddenly be dealing with obsolete phones that are unreplaceable? Any takers?

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    I can't answer your questions, but you may find this thread helpful:
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    Here's my perspective on your question:

    If your girlfriend likes the pre, she should buy it without reservation. But, just like any smartphone on the market today, she should not expect to keep it in use more than 2 years.

    in the mean time, if Palm fails, gets bought out, whatever, the worst case scenario is that the Palm catalog is no longer functional, and the Palm backups no longer work. There will be solutions from other parties for both of those problems which will sustain the device for its lifetime (2 years, like I said.) At the end of that time she can choose from whatever is available then, and the open/cloud based nature of WebOS means that all her info will be easily transportable to her new device then.

    On the other hand, Palm may survive (i think they will) and then all is well!

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