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    The point Engadget made today that I agree with most is showing how WebOS works during ads. That is what Apple does for the iPhone. That is what Moto/VZW did for Droid. (it works)

    Just put the damn Pre on the screen and show me the gestures and cards! All smartphones have Apps. All can surf the web, maps, etc. What makes WebOs better is how "fun" it is to use the smartphone features. It's fun to swipe up to open the launcher. It's fun to swipe up and go to card view to open another app. It's fun to advance swipe through apps. It's fun to swipe up and just start typing for universal search. It's fun swiping notifications off the screen. It's really fun to throw apps off the screen when I am done.

    I get so bored now when I use my iTouch. Press app - press arrow - press home button - press app.

    So show why the Pre is better!!

    Show the Pre close up on the screen. Start with a holographic hand swiping up to open the launcher. Start Pandora for some background music. Swipe the wave launcher arrow to go to the next app. Swipe this way - swipe that way - open this app - go to card view - toss a notification - open a 3D game! And play it - go through all the gestures!! then end by swiping all the cards of the phone - last one being Pandora.
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    I agree the commerical they have out is cool but it doesn't really show why the Pre is so different and great.
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    They need to make a 1 minute commercial, no more 30 seconds, you can't explain a OS in 30 seconds, 1 minutes please. and where are commercials in canada? why can't it be world wide.?
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    Kind of like the 30 second video that was loaded onto the phone which you saw when you first got it. It did a great job of showcasing how it works and how asy it is to go from one app to another. Always made me wonder why they never used it.
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    i want tamara hope back doing the commercials... her ads were what got me interested in the pre!
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    Bump - maybe my post from March will come true? ;-)

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