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    Just got finished reading Joshua Topolsky's take on the mistakes of Palm. He nails everything on the head and I really hope Jon Rub walks away with something. It doesn't make any sense for WebOS to be doing so bad. You would think WebOS was some kind of crappy flip phone.

    To me the biggest mistake Palm is doing on a daily basis is their refusal to put out an amazing ad. Hire the best, hire the most expensive, heck bring in James Cameron and make him a partner as compensation. The Pre can do everything the iPhone can plus a lot more but you would never realize that from those "scratch your head" commercials.

    I've watched everyone of them and they all have one thing in common...the phones come off as chick phones. Everyone of them, its disturbing (I'm starting to question myself for buying one). How will a business look at this phone as a serious contender when the phone reminds you of valentines day or mothers day. Heck they named one of their devices the Pixi. Pixi, like Pixi dust from Peter Pan. Either Jon Rub is hiding something from the public or Palm has been taken over by highly emotional women.

    Here's a link to the article.
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    already a thread but thanks for trying

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