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    Ok.. here goes. Humbly submitted, of course.

    1. Cease and discontinue production on all of the CDMA Pres, and Pixi, including thier "+" versions. With 500,000 still in the supply chain, there are more than enough to feed those who want them. (produce limited quantities of unlocked GSM Pre's only, based on proven demand).

    2. Continue with current marketting and education efforts to help the above referenced channel inventory sell through.

    3. Get in touch with the guys here who have come up with a hack to overclock the Pres to 800 mhz (thats a 60% speed increase), and provide an OTA update for ALL Pres that are issued for it, with a replacement warranty for 1 year. This should increase demand for ALL Pre's. Since we dont know the life of the upgrade (hasnt been tested for that long), PALM should expect all current Pre owners to upgrade to the new WebOS device, and this will be the incentive.

    4. To deal with the addtional battery usage from the speed increase update, make a deal with Seidio for their 2600 battery to be issued at a discounted price to all current Pre owners. The high volume of batteries should permit Sedio to provide a decent price, and still make a good profit. According to the guys who have worked on his 800mhz upgrade hack, the Seidio 2600 provides a full day of heavy use on one charge. done deal. 'nuff said.

    5. Issue a public statement to all customers and carriers that costs related any new purchases of new Pre devices will provide a prorated discount to the next Web OS smartphone, currently in development, planned for sale within the next 6 months. Marketing for this should be acompanied with a video that shows the WebOS speed performance boost. Not much will be needed to be said after that.... the upgrade requests will start pouring in from new and old users alike, as the speed increase will top most phones on the market currently, allowing the eloquence of WebOS to really shine, as it should have, all along.

    6. Effective immediately, utiliize the now available Pre/Pixi manufacturing funds to develop a new WebOS smartphone, with "state of the art" and higher specs. I won't go into the details of the specs here, as they appear to be pretty obvious, but, aside from solid build quality (pick a solid hardware MFR like HTC, or, Motorola, as they made the sidekick, which had a HUGE success using that flip out screen with NO problems reported) and a 1 Ghz processor or more (WebOS requires CPU power and speed), a landscape hardware slider keyboard seems to be the direction that most really popular smartphones are going in with software keboars in portrait/landscape modes (Droid/Milestone, Nokia n900, Cliq, etc). And, a a hot swapping micro-SD card slot is abolutely manditory, in lieu of huge amounts of fixed memory beyond 4 Gig. Minimum of 512 meg RAM. Battery life should last 1 full day of heavy use. Provide the biggest battery available (or make deals with batter providers for quantity supplies to unit purchasers through PALM)... users may complain about it weighing a little more, but, they will NOT complain about its performance.. it well be seen as an acceptible downside.

    7. The new phone should be manufactured in both GSM and CDMA unlocked versions. NO EXCLUSIVE deals with carriers, so that PALM can sell unlocked versions worldwide to the 2.5 billion GSM users (versus the .5 billion CDMA users). Carriers can purchase from PALM and carry whatever stock they want if they think that the phone will help them get new subscribers by offering discounted prices for long term plans, but they will have to compete with PALM's worldwide efforts for unlocked versions. An equal playing field is good for everyone, especially PALM.

    8. The new device should be released as soon as possible. Marketting for it should be "leading edge", and focus primarily on WebOS's features, specifically swiping cards away and multi-tasking.

    9. Get business application developers on board for new applications for WebOS now, even if it means providing them with incentives. Currently missing is a workable Word/Excel program, and there are some others, as well, that the business community needs. Miltiasking is worthless to the business user unless he/she has the applications to multitask with.

    10. Desktop hotsync for music and all data. This is NOT negotiable. If PALM can't do it, partner up with a developer to do it, and let them have most of the revenue, or all of it.. it is an absolute necessity. Depending on iTunes or "the cloud" for sole backup is just too risky for business and personal use at this time.

    That's it.

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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    That sounds like a 'Kill or Cure' solution. But if things are that serious, it might not be a bad idea
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I agree with everything except #5. That just tells people not to buy the current phones, therefore that 500K inventory won't be depleted. If they're not sold, they have no money to make a new phone.
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    On the surface, that makes sense, but, in context of what Im suggesting, it doesn't.

    You see, the moment PALM provides the free overclock update to all existing Pre's, as well as an incentive for all NEW purchases of the Palm Pre to recieve a prorated discount for the next WebOS device, due out in 6 months, those 500,000 Pres will be gone in weeks. (BTW.. those 500,000 phones are in the carriers/suppliers hands, and Palm ha already been paid for them.. hence the problem with the carriers NOT ordering more from PALM... the whole idea of this plan is to do 2 things at once: get the carriers paid, thus creating a better relationship with them, and to create new interest in/demand for WebOS products again)

    Notice, I said to stop making CDMA Pres and Pixis. Palm can continue to make GSM (worldwide) Pre's in limited fashion to meet any extra demand that arises from this promotion, but, I doubt it would be significant enough to drain thier cash enough to stop them from producing the next smartphone within the next 6 months.

    Sometimes, its the obvious answer that is the best one.

    The current Pre is suffering and won't sell any more, but update it with a 60% speed increase, to be a much faster one, and then make its purchase price (or a significant portion of it) a credit towards the next WebOS smartphone, and you have an enormous incentive to drive sales and create new interest and demand.

    I think.
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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    I agree also I just read the precentral front page and palms stock is down 29% .... Cnn money says targets plam stock at 0/share and recommend not buying shares WOW
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    The stock price can change from moment to moment. Investors are, by their very nature, "fickle".

    Im not going to offer any financial advice, but, I will say this, with lots of confidence:

    The stock and bond market is almost always deceptive in its appearance, and the public investor is usually the last to know what is going on. That is by design, and not accidental.

    One more thing: remember, "patent portfolio", and Apple never even came close to suing Palm!
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    this plan would have my wife and I going to pick two pres up today if it were put into effect. we have been waiting it out as we're on sprint and looking to see what is going to happen in june/summer. not to mention unable to puchase and then turn around and do it again for some new tech when the stuff we get is outdated two months later.

    we would jump on a plan like this if our price for the current phone was credited to the new one.

    it sounds good to me. it would stir a lot of talk about web os and palm as well, which would be some positive talk if the speed increase is that important to the user experience. also generate buzz for something coming up. if they have that in the works...

    wishful thinking. I hope it all pans out for palm. I'm rooting for the underdog!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post
    One more thing: remember, "patent portfolio", and Apple never even came close to suing Palm!
    Can you elaborate more on this? As this is something I don't get. I know Apple said they're not going after Palm because they're not making much money or they're too small to attack, or something to that effect. Do you think Apple is being honest or do you think they're just saying that? I don't know how Apple can sue HTC and hot Palm - the Pre has alot of resemblance to the iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueray View Post
    Can you elaborate more on this? As this is something I don't get. I know Apple said they're not going after Palm because they're not making much money or they're too small to attack, or something to that effect. Do you think Apple is being honest or do you think they're just saying that? I don't know how Apple can sue HTC and hot Palm - the Pre has alot of resemblance to the iphone.
    The reason Apple won't go near Palm is because Apple knows they are infringing on just as many patents that Palm owns. Remember, Palm has been in the mobile business for over a decade and has PLENTY of patents to protect themselves. If I recall correctly, the actual call status screen on the iPhone is nearly identical to the patent diagram filed by Palm nearly 10 years ago. Not to mention the call log and contact management applications.

    Palm has much more to gain from Apple than Apple has to gain from Palm. Reason? Apple has sold many more devices. If Palm wants, they could easily get a cut from EACH iPHONE SOLD because Apple infringed on their patents. Now if Apple did the same thing, they get hardly anything out of it.
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    Thanks dcoaster for that explanation. I guess my next thought is, with Palm struggling to make money, why aren't they suing Apple?
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    Those are great ideas, but I think Palm can do some others things that can get them the sales spike that they need.

    1) Hire more Evangelist. This is taking a page from Apples playbook and there woes with CompUSA. Remember when Apple was having a had time pushing their hardware at CompUSA? The reason was that CompUSA reps weren't pushing Apple hardware. So, Apple had to hire their own people to staff the stores. After that sales took off. Palm should do the same thing.
    I know of several Palm reps, but they have to cover to much territory to be as effective as they could. Palm should hire more sales/training reps. Let them be responsible for no more than 3-5 stores in a given market. I would also increase bonuses and make them based on store performance and attach rates of Palm branded products.

    2. Let the Games Begin! The next thing I would do is offer more incentive for Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T employees to sale more Pre's and Pixies. Most employees in the stores work on commission. May be not 100% commission, but they have to reach sales goals and then they usually make a bonus above that. Palm needs to sweeten the pot. Something like the person who sales the most Palm branded products (accessories and phones) in a region gets a free Palm and Pixie plus 10 free apps. The person who sales the most phones at a call center, above a center number to qualify, gets an extra $500. I would couple this incentive with a BOGO offer.

    These are two short term fixes that would really spike sales. This would also be a great way clear the channel of inventory. The hiring of extra salespeople may not seem to be the most cost effective way to push sales, but it is. If you could have a dedicated Palm salesperson who is responsible for 3-5 stores they could really push product. Especially if they would get more $$$ for increased store performance.
    While I was in college I worked for Circuit City (when they still were commissioned based), and I saw what would happen when a manufacturer would offer extra $$ to sell a particular product. We would sale the you-know-what out of it. I also worked in a Sprint Call center. Same thing. If we got extra compensation for selling one phone over the next we did.

    Like I said these are short term fixes that would clear inventory and spike sells for a couple of months. I have some longer term fixes, but I will share those later.
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    new phone new phone
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    LOL.. for sure.

    BTW, the 800 mhz patch is out for WebOS 1.4, and the video looks amazing - a huge speed bump. (60% increase for Pres running at 500mhz)

    I hope PALM gets a good look at this, and follows my suggestions above.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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