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    Palms too stubborn to go that route. Palm has a history of making odd decisions and not listening much to the public and what they want. Take the Palm TX. It was a great device, but why would you leave out the voice recorder on a handheld device. We can now see it with the Pre. All the things left out of a smartphone, and now they are trying to play catch up. I think the Pre would have done better if it waited another year, rather than before the Droid. I know the Droid came first, but they said they would have done better if they came out before the Droid. I think the same result or worse would have happened.
    On another note. Palm should really think about just handing the OS to us and let us take a crack at it. The developers here have done a much better job at taking care of things than Palm has, and they are getting paid for this! Linux blew up because they were so opensource, why not Palm!
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    The Treo Pro hardware was made by HTC. I know the Sony Xperia X1 was made by HTC too. HTC makes hardware for whoever wants to buy from them. I hope that Palm would use HTC to make a new Palm device with a slide out keyboard like the Touch Pro, I loved the keyboard on that phone.
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    if they are even considering licensing webOS, they should do a Microsoft and require really stout minimum standards for the hardware, a la WP7.
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    dead end, wrong turn
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    HTC's products seem to preform well but OMG that S H I T S ugly and boxy..

    I dont get the Problem with the Pre? I will admit I have had to replace my Pre a couple of times due to speaker issues. But no more than any other Phone Ive Had in the Past.
    I personally love the form and the hardware is great as far as Im concerned.
    Like I said Ive had 3 Pres but no dead pixles and no Oreo on any of them. They have been rock solid and I open the slider 25 times+ a day.
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    haha why are you people over looking the current HTC model wm6.5 phone? HD2 anyone??? Seriously HTC will make phones for wm7, their not in partnership solely with google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    HTC's products seem to preform well but OMG that S H I T S ugly and boxy..

    I dont get the Problem with the Pre?.
    The problem is not really the Pre itself but Palm. They blew it in so many ways.

    -Launch partners.
    -Hardware quality.
    -Arguably the OS (premature)

    I mean, if it wasnt for Rubenstein who came in and tore the original apart to design what we have now...Palm would be dead.
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    Yes, and no!

    I don't want them to be like heres web-os, run with it.. But a joint thing would be good.
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    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    Honestly every single HTC device i owned i hated, so id rather not have palm do that lol
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