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    If everyone purchased stock now and went viral we can all be millionaries!!!!!!!!!1 This is a joke that wall street and shorties are paying people to spit bs out on this forum. 7 phones 8 phones....did is bs....This is ****ing me off.....Lets do somethign about this ****!!! Buy the stock and lets help palm we all win....These shorts and ****ing paid bashers are another obstacle palm needs to overcome!!! Who is with me....DBD dont f**king respond you clown....
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    I'm not sure i can afford more stock, but I have some, and I'm doing everything i can to get this viral marketing going!!!

    If any of you haven't seen it, the thread on the viral campaign is here:

    Help make this happen, its fast, easy, and can really make a difference!
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    how many threads are you going to start on this?

    where is it proven that there are paid trolls?

    you should be banned for blatant flaming.
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    There use to be a person on this site always pumping PALM... SharonW.
    hope she got out in time because she actually seemed nice and was unemployed at the time. But at least she posted with more class.

    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    how many threads are you going to start on this?

    where is it proven that there are paid trolls?

    you should be banned for blatant flaming.
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    etrade 18... nice screen name there.

    let me guess... you like to trade stocks on E*TRADE?
    and let me go out on a limb and guess...
    you are heavily invested in PALM (and pooping your pants due to it?)?
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    And this, friends, is why you shouldn't post after doing coke.
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    what you are proposing already happened buddy, when palm was pumped to $18 a share then dumped to what it is now lol
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    NO I am not heavily invested in the stocks!!! I should bc I love WEBOS!!!!! but good try....I just want palm to go to battle with a fair fight!!!!! I love the phone especially coming from the bb storm!!!! I figure I would start this thread to get people motivated,. Its sad but people in this world are money hungry and are motivated by money. So if I promoted buy the stock now where its "cheap" then go viral you can make money indirectly through PALM stock price appreciation and all those that refuse to help through "VIRAL" because PALM isnt paying them now have a reason to help---case in point that DBD clown who is always negative!!!!!
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    yeah... listen to etrade18 and show your support and buy PALM stock eh?!

    Wow that video! person did hold back any punches.

    CNBC... Halftime Report: Take A Stab At Palm?

    News Headlines

    My sense is the stock falls to around $1 and then somebody buys them, Tilson speculates.

    I’d say the odds are 60% that somebody buys the carcass for a song and 30% that they file for bankruptcy, he adds. And there’s a 10% chance of a Hail Mary pass and they survive.
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    I worry about what's going to happen to people like etrade18 and grndslm once the plug is pulled. Someday they'll just stop posting and we'll always wonder if........

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