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    Since the earlier part of the 2000s, Sony has been left behind in one of their core business segments: mobile devices. The iPod has dominated the same market the Walkman once owned. Sony's mini-computers, in the forms of the Clie, UX, etc never really took off. Sony nearly missed out on the entire cell phone industry before creating SonyEricsson. SE seems to be on better footing than it once was, but they continue to be at risk of being left behind by Apple and Google, as well as Nokia, Motorola, etc, as they have yet to become a key player in this new generation of devices. In fact, they aren't even a key player in the US at all.

    Acquiring Palm could change everything and bring Sony and SonyEricsson back to the forefront, making them key players in the wireless and mobile devices sector. Sony has some of the the best product designers in the world. They also have very powerful brand names. The problem for them has been partly software related and partly market and channel related. Acquiring Palm would not only give them large boosts in both of these aspects, but do so in the ways they need help in most.

    Sony believes in the future of the tablet. A quick look at their past shows this. They believe in the value of mobile computing as well, with a history of supremely well designed subcompact computers. As the industry changes to adopt mobile platforms and software, Sony's mobile device groups risk being left with nothing more than a dependency on other companies to exist. Acquiring Palm and webOS would give them the software platform they need to not only be competitive, but thrive. They would have the technologies needed to bring them to the forefront of both the tablet/mobile device segment and the mobile phone segments. WebOS is better suited for Sony than Palm because Palm doesn't have the resources to drive it to the masses that Sony does. Another significant point is that Sony loves developing their own software and hardware platforms. They are not at all opposed to proprietary technology. This is something many have hated them for in the past. In this case though, it would be of great benefit as webOS is one of the best (if not the best) mobile OS today.

    Another issue for SonyEricsson has been cracking US market. Acquiring Palm would not only give them webOS but also the Treo brand name. Although mostly unused, this remains a well recognized and respected name today. Just prior to the introduction of the iPhone, the Treo was among the most powerful brands. If Sony acquired Palm, SE could use the Treo name to deliver a webOs device to many US carriers that would help them get into a much larger share of the US market - specifically, they could have a chance at getting an entirely new customer - the corporate user. This would create an entirely new revenue stream for them. Sony can do this better than Palm because they are better at building quality products, can perform better marketing, and have the capital to invest to make it all happen.

    A Palm acquisition could be used to bring the Walkman back in a big way. It would put Sony in prime position to lead the development of mobile devices with one of the world's best software platforms and some great branding/market access as well as excellent brand recognition. From a financial standpoint, given the value of Palm, Sony may be temped to wait for their equity to drop more before making such a move. But, at the rate that things are going, I see that happening soon. I don't forsee Palm doing the things they need to do for their webOS platform to survive in this modern climate. I fully expect the company's value to continue to drop, and see Sony as being much closer to recognizing what needs to be done, and therefore far more likely to be successful.

    Some have mentioned that Google or Apple might buy Palm. I don't think either of these make sense.

    Google's too committed to android, which is well under development and well on its way. Palm's hardware division is worth very little to Google as well- they already have a good relationship with HTC and more importantly, many companies using their software. The derivative hardware business is probably not something Google wants to bring in house and because they're so far along software-wise, the addition of webOS would not mean that much to them.

    The same goes for Apple. Apple's own platform is very well developed. It makes no sense for them to acquire webOS and there's certaintly no advantage to them acquiring Palm's hardware division.

    There are arguments both ways regarding intellectual property, but both companies are confident in their positions and for good reason. In both cases, there's no real value to acquiring Palm as both companies have all the hardware, software, and developers they need.

    But for Sony, it's a different story. I hope to see an acquisition along these lines come to reality. It could revive one of the greatest consumer electronics companies and bring one of the best mobile operating systems to forefront of a war it's well suited to win.

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    Sony has not been doing so great lately.Not in electronics at least. They are slightly better off than Palm.
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    sony's garbage!!! palm should never let sony even mention their name. An American company it shall stay.
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    If Sony bought Palm there would be maybe one phone in the U.S. a decade and that wouldn't help them in any way
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    NO! NO, NO NO!!!
    Was that loud enough?
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    Lmao, sorry. Informative read...
    But sorry.

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