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    Can anyone provide me with evidence that Palm has the patent to 'flight mode' because I find that a little hard to believe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Can anyone provide me with evidence that Palm has the patent to 'flight mode' because I find that a little hard to believe...
    Software enabled on/off switch for ... - Google Patent Search
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    Reading the tea leaves of yesterday's earnings call:

    Rubenstein said that any M&A activity would be up to the board. I read this statement to say he would be out of the picture. He also said Palm is open to licensing deals. The board doesn't have to be involved with these decisions. In the mean time, Palm will do whatever it takes to clear the inventory. No one should expect new hardware until this issue has been resolved (conservatively Q4 CY/2010).
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    Licensing should be the next thing they should really really really really really work on....worked for android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    If Google buys Palm, they would do so for their patent inventory. The would kill off WebOS though.
    This is kind of what I see happening

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Way i see it, if not for patents, then it would be a company that wants to have a good UI over android or windows. To be different from other android or windows devices. Like HTC's sense.
    I would love to see some of the blends that Android + WebOS would create. However, after watching the Podcast from Palm on the frontpage, I don't think that could happen. Palm has bet large on an entire web-based platform that can utilize plug-ins. Android has a very different structure and I think the only parts that would merge over at the UI and design aspects; maybe some core functionality would make it too.

    However, where I do see Google using WebOS is in ChromeOS. People have wanted a WebOS tablet for a while. Well, think about Google pushing WebOS as the tablet OS to replace/merge with ChromeOS. That could be very interesting in my mind.

    Still I would prefer if HTC bought Palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Still I would prefer if HTC bought Palm

    I would be in with that 100%......a WebOs system on a HTC device would be a DREAM.
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    I still say Nokia or Dell would make much more sense. Can you imagine webOS in Nokia hardware? Or what sales would be through Dell's distribution. Google obviously wants to cut there own path.
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    pasted from the first thread about this:

    A company like Yahoo buying Palm makes much more sense

    Yahoo is loosing share to Google and would instantly benifit from buying Palm. Enfuse Palm with cash and resources and they'd be an instant player in the mobile market. Google's strategy has been to get as many people accessing their services as possible NOT ruling the handset market. (they're giving away Android to anyone and everyone) That is why Apple sued HTC (a handset maker) and not Google. Apple's separate frustration with Google is due to Apple's growing reliance on Google services (maps, search, etc...) This will change in the near future, trust me. Palm needs to side with a web-services company stat; even though I personally do not use Yahoo, a robust gmail, gmaps, gchat and seach equivalent from Yahoo on a palm device would be killer. Google is not interrested in patents; just as long as you use their services on any device (Android, WebOS, iPhoneOS, etc) and build their "bread and butter," the database. However it may be too late to coherse users over (back) to Yahoo since Skynet has become self-aware.

    Just goto and click the ADD button next to favorites on the left side. Imagine all of those services rock solid and regularly updated on a Palm device, Super Synergized!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I didn't read all that. But here's a short version of why...

    Because the webOS UI is clever. And most importantly is because Palm has chest full of patents that some claim makes them bulletproof to being sued by apple.

    Airplane mode anyone? Mute switch? Etc.
    Thanks for the short and skinny.... I too wasn't about to read a wall of text. don't think anyone here would take the time personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHO_ONE View Post
    Thanks for the short and skinny.... I too wasn't about to read a wall of text. don't think anyone here would take the time personally.
    I read it, but when the choice is read something interesting or do work, i'll choose what ever the option is on the other side of work lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveborough View Post
    This right here. Google made android open to all and does not care about anything but getting their product to everyone and they are doing a VERY good job at it.
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    The only future for webOS if Palm is sold, will be with HTC or Nokia, or someone needed of an OS, or not introduced in the smartphone market.

    Other options are (for us) the same as Palm dissappearing.
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    I am not sure I believe that Google doesn't care about Patents. Apple and Google are at war, and Patents are very powerful tools in such wars. If google wants Android to kick ***, and keep Apple away from suing its Partners, Palm's patent cache would go a long way to tell Apple to "shut up and get off our lawn."
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    My thoughts on why different companies should consider buying palm:

    Google: Points as posted on this thread, I think integrating android and webos would be amazing, but likely difficult. Why google wouldn't do it? -- It would be, in a way, admitting that android isn't as great as everyone thinks it is

    Microsoft: They have the money, palm is cheap, and it would be insurance if WM 7 doesn't work out. That's about it.

    Apple: To kill palm, have all the patents and really go after everyone with the lawyers. I wouldn't put this past apple (as I write this on my macbook).

    Most interesting possibilities below:

    RIM: They really have the market on the business world, but their touchscreen devices suck. If the bought palm, they could market to both business and consumers. If they could integrate the blackberry email/messaging system into webos (and improve battery to the blackberry level), they would have one kick *# device. They also have a loyal group of customers who would be willing to try webos just because the blackberry name would be attached.

    HTC: Palm is cheap, palm has patents, apple is suing HTC. HTC is overall a pretty decent hardware maker and if they bought palm, they could make a variety of phones for the stellar operating system while fighting off apple.

    Nokia: They have a dying platform, but worldwide still dominate the market share. They have the name and brand muscle to make webos successful if they chose to buy palm. As stated, it's cheap, and if Nokia is planning on doing anything in the future, this almost seems like a no brainer for them at this point. They may just wait for the stock to cont coming down though. Reason they wouldn't do it? -- stubborn, they are putting in too much effort/money in improving their OS.

    Dell/HP: I think either of these companies would be extremely interesting. Not only could they jump into the mobile phone market where a lot of future computing is going, but they would also have a great OS to base a Tablet off of (see multiple threads in precentral). This would give them 2 huge reasons to be interested -- get in the phone market and tablet market.

    Those are my thoughts from a lay perspective. There are obviously many more details that would have to be worked out.
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    as stated, HTC has damn good reasons to want to own both patents and its own OS.

    Google not so much.

    And no doubt Jobs and Co. would love to stick a shive up Google's & friends posterior by snatching up Palm (and its patents) -- but I'm guessing Obama's FTC etc. might look rather askance at that.

    Google would similarly face scrutiny and headaches -- they need neither.

    They would surely like it though if a friend like HTC had those patents.

    And just maybe Google would offer some nice package of juicy compensation to HTC for the right to "lease" and cross license those patents...
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    If someone does buy them, for really cheap now, it will be someone that needs their OS/patents. Google would just buy to shut down which will be BAD! HTC is confortable being in the ODM business is just license whatever OS they want on a phone. Still have to thing Palms OS on HTC's uber hardware would be a dream combo.
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    1. There are probably more bad patents that won't stand up like the above one than there are bad apples in a New Jersey landfill (no offense to Jersey.)

    2. Google could care less about Web OS. Having used Android, they have plenty of holes to fix. It's not like you could just plug in the OS into Android and then you have a card based system, etc. They have a tremendous amount invested in going forward with their product.

    3. Any purchase of Palm doesn't save any of you. Any technology would probably be used in a way that would require you to make a new investment. I don't think the desire to save the user base would overcome the costs. Google's numbers are flying thanks to the open system.

    Who would I think could use it most? Nokia. Not sure what they'd be willing to offer...
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