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    I was reading gizmodo and came across this article. It suggests that the time and especially the price is right for a palm buyout. The article referneces palm's exntensive patent library, among other things, as good reasons for a buyout especially by google in lieu of apple's lawsuit against HTC & by proxy google. I think the writing maybe on the wall for this, as palm's options are getting smaller as they continue to lose money. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't want palm to sell out & I'm very happy with my pre+ (formally had a droid eris). However if I owned stock in palm I think I would be in favor of some type of buyout. I think a hybrid webOS/Android would be interesting, as long as they kept webos's card & notification system. Webos does multi-tasking better than anyone which could be really innovative in shall we say an android ipad? Plus google has cash to burn and palm is relatively cheap. Anyway interesting read:

    Gizmodo: Why Google Should Buy Palm - Apple - Gizmodo
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    I was looking at this too, and was just about to start a thread. I expect we'll see many "Palm buyout" articles considering their recent results. This one actually makes some sense to me because, as the OP says, Android could really use a dash of webOS elegance (especially the card UI). The patent argument (if it's really true) could actually be a good reason too.

    I'm still hoping that Palm has deep enough pockets to stick it out. I think webOS has a really good "story" to tell, the hardware is actually quite innovative and elegant, and the biggest problem has been the marketing/selling (along with a good dose of bad luck/timing ... the Droid push at Big Red really hurt them).
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    Read it as well...very interesting read and at the rate google is going I would not be surprised. Palm's patent portfolio is pretty incredible but I think that is all Google would want them for. My guess is WebOS would be no more since it would not make sense to continue developing two different mobile operating systems. It would be nice to see WebOS on some HTC hardware if they did decided to keep going.
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    Yahoo is loosing share to Google and would instantly benifit from buying Palm. Enfuse Palm with cash and resources and they'd be an instant player in the mobile market. Google's strategy has been to get as many people accessing their services as possible NOT ruling the handset market. (they're giving away Android to anyone and everyone) That is why Apple sued HTC (a handset maker) and not Google. Apple's separate frustration with Google is due to Apple's growing reliance on Google services (maps, search, etc...) This will change in the near future, trust me. Palm needs to side with a web-services company stat; even though I personally do not use Yahoo, a robust gmail, gmaps, gchat and seach equivalent from Yahoo on a palm device would be killer. Google is not interrested in patents; just as long as you use their services on any device (Android, WebOS, iPhoneOS, etc) and build their "bread and butter," the database. However it may be too late to coherse users over (back) to Yahoo since Skynet has become self-aware.

    Just goto and click the ADD button next to favorites on the left side. Imagine all of those services rock solid and regularly updated on a Palm device, Super Synergized!!
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    Don't get me wrong. I love WebOS to death.

    Palm's greatest asset to another company by far is its patents. Its patents architecture is so robust that it openly violated Apple's multitouch patent and dared them to sue. There's a reason Apple is suing HTC and not Motorola, maker of the Droid (and infringer on Apple's patents if we're to believe Apple): HTC is new to the game. They don't have a ton of patents. Motorola has more patents than God and would certainly win in court against Apple. The ability for Google to insulate itself against ALL further suits now or in the future, combined with (as the article said) a sweet little company that's made killer gear for two decades for a little under a billion... business wise, everything about it makes sense.

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