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    Hi all, I just found this on JK on the Run's site. I agree would love to see a Palm Pad! Take care, Jay

    Itís Time for a Palm Pilot Tablet
    By James Kendrick Mar. 18, 2010, 4:00pm CDT

    It’s Time for a Palm Pilot Tablet – jkOnTheRun

    I admit I have been neglecting my lonely Palm Pre the past few days. I have no shortage of phones around here and until picking it up earlier today, I havenít been giving the Pre much thought. While I was using the Pre, my thoughts centered around the trouble that Palm is having due to low sales numbers. I also was struck once again with how good webOS is from a userís standpoint. The interface is great, and it would be a big loss to see Palm (and webOS) go away. Then it hit me right between the eyes ó wouldnít webOS be fantastic on a 7-inch slate?

    While it seems that tablet-mania has us all in its grip, the more I thought of a slate running webOS the more excited I got about it. The graphical touch interface is already outstanding, but imagine it on a 7-inch display. The multitasking of webOS would enter new ground on such a screen. It would not only be a productive environment to use, it would actually be fun. If you ask me, Palm could use a little fun these days.

    Palm could produce a Wi-Fi model of the slate, but also a Sprint 3G/4G model. This would compete with the iPad, and with the Sprint data network make a bold statement. I can see Palm making a tremendous splash with such a device, no matter what happens with its phone line. Having given this a lot of thought, I can only see an upside for beleaguered Palm with this. Given the tight integration webOS already has with Google services, this tablet would give Android tablets serious competition.

    The only question I have about this tablet venture for Palm is what to call the product. Thereís the obvious Palm Pad, but I think they need something clever to make a splash. How about the Palm Pilot? Raise the original product name that made the company famous, and get people talking.

    I am picturing a thin slate with a 7-inch screen ó even a tad bigger would be OK. The great PIM apps on webOS would be stellar if optimized for the larger display. Palm wouldnít have to add functionality, or even change the way they utilized touch, just optimize the display. The webOS browser is already quite good; It would only be better on a larger screen.

    I believe Palm could produce this slate, given its history with device design and production. It should follow the Apple model and make sure all existing webOS apps work on the tablet, and provide incentives to developers who optimize existing apps for the bigger screen. Maybe even make a deal with Amazon to get a solid app to work with Amazon MP3. There are many ways for Palm to go with this slate, almost all of them good.
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    doesn't really have anything to do with the pre so should've been in the future webos devices section
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    I do like the idea of having the new hardware (phone hopefully on Sprint so I can get it lol) being called the Palm Pilot. I think that would be an epic move on Palm's part, assuming the hardware was awesome. But I do agree with the article that the new hardware should be a slab like device. It is what sells these days, and Palm has to play the game for a while.
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    I'd prefer one with Windows 7 or even XP to WebOS. WebOS is great for a phone, not so great if I want to be able to edit text documents, work with spreadsheets, or use a webcam with Skype. For that reason, I am not that excited by the iPad, either.
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    Ywp. The iPad is basically a gigantic iPod Touch. A Palm tablet would be basically the same thing, and we already have netbooks, inexpensive tablet PC's, it's all been done. They'd be taking on Microsoft in the tablet space, I don't really think Palm is up to that kind of marketing. Now, something along the lines of Asus' ExpressGate setup in an existing line of computers would be awesome. Fast power on to a lightweight, speedy OS for quick email, internet, stuff like that would be a good idea.
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    Hmm, a webOS Foleo? Could Palm still have warehouses of these devices needing a new CPU and OS to bring them up to date?

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    I think palm needs to reproduce the Web OS experience on a wifi palm pilot like the old days. most people already have a phone they love but having a palm pilot used to be a huge statement in the business world, "I'v got cash and I'm professional"!
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    I do not like having to carry three things, I already have a gps to carry, and my Centro. I don't want to go back to Palm Pilot days and carry three things. When my contract is up with my Centro I will get the Pre and not have to carry my gps! Take care, Jay
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeeganDoomFire View Post
    I think palm needs to reproduce the Web OS experience on a wifi palm pilot like the old days.
    The only fault with that statement was back when the Pilot was so huge (and PocketPC's for that matter) phones didn't do nearly as much as they do today. I carried one just for that reason, my oldie phone had a crap contact manager with limited capacity, nothing in the way of internet, no applications, nada. Just a phone. I needed a Pilot for all that functionality. Now, I wouldn't buy one, my Pre does all that and more. Even Dell got out of the PDA business.
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    Hi all, In my opnion, this needs to have the following to sucessed:

    1. a camera or removable camera.
    2. a phone or teathering to a a phone or better yet: a phone that is removable from the tablet!
    3. a usb or mini usb port.

    take care, Jay

    'iPad Killer' May be Palm's Last Hope

    By Tony Bradley

    'iPad Killer' May be Palm's Last Hope - PCWorld Business Center

    The Apple iPad has captured the imagination--and a fair share of the news headlines for the past few months. Palm has been in the headlines as well, but for entirely different reasons. Perhaps, Palm could reverse its fortunes and regain its former glory if it went back to its PDA roots and developed a tablet PC to compete with the iPad?

    Humor me. Let's consider this for a second. Palm's future isn't looking very bright. While a different business strategy may have led to entirely different results, the reality is that Palm is dragging in last place for smartphone market share with little hope of rebounding.
    Palm fans are quick to share the belief that it is a superior smartphone platform. Comments from readers on recent articles include:

    ē "Palm Pre's multitasking capability is second to none and still holds the best record of maximum simultaneous running apps (Plus). No matter how you look at it, having the ability to run multiple 3rd party applications is far more advanced than iPhone's inability to do the same."

    ē "The Palm Pre is still a superior product and the benefits of WebOS are still undeniable. If you did a poll on the majority of Palm Pre owners, I'm sure you'll find that most will respond positively satisfied."

    ē "I find the iPhone comical next to my Palm Pre. It is true that if all apps remembered where they were at, multi-tasking would be less necessary. However, multi-tasking is still better. I can look up information on my Pre and then use it in another app without closing either of them."

    It seems that those relative few who have the Palm Pre or some other WebOS-based smartphone from Palm not only like it, but passionately believe it is superior--even to the vaunted iPhone. I can't shake the feeling, though, that Palm users sound a lot like IBM OS/2 and Commodore Amiga loyalists clinging to dying technologies as the ship is going down.

    Palm has a proud heritage, though. Before the BlackBerry was the "CrackBerry", the Palm PDA was a ubiquitous business tool. Business professionals had to have a Palm to sync up calendar events and contact databases. Prior to the convergence of the two to create the concept of smartphones, a Palm PDA was a required companion to the cell phone for mobile business professionals.

    The PDA ship has sailed--but Palm has a new opportunity to return to its roots by taking WebOS and building a tablet PC to compete with the iPad. There is a lot to like about WebOS--it has excellent multitasking, solid messaging and calendaring functions, and the innovative Synergy user interface for managing and interacting with various social networks.

    While there are PC loyalists that feel the tablet PC should be defined by a "real" operating system such as Windows 7, the approach taken by Apple with the iPad has been to use the iPhone mobile OS. The result is more a portable media consumption device than a mobile computer, but it has instant-on and superior battery life among other things. Palm could leverage similar advantages with a WebOS tablet.

    Palm could abandon the smartphone market altogether, or use a successful tablet device to rebuild brand recognition and customer loyalty that might bolster the smartphone side of the business. Now that Palm's WebOS devices are also available from Verizon, and will soon be available from AT&T, there is at least some potential that devices like the Palm Pre could expand its market.

    Palm is on life support and has little hope of competing seriously in the smartphone market. When all else fails, go back to the drawing board, fall back on the strengths the company was built on, and crank out a WebOS tablet worthy of the Palm name.

    Bring on the "iPad killer".

    Tony Bradley is co-author of Unified Communications for Dummies . He tweets as @Tony_BradleyPCW . You can follow him on his Facebook page , or contact him by email at .
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    Hi all,

    Palm needs to think about designs something like the following the first one: Just loose the styli, add a camera & phone, use a Olcd screen! Palm already owns the patent to:

    Google Image Result for

    Or something like this:

    Half way down the page, under the heading:
    March 10, 2005

    Rainy Day Magazine : March 2005

    Take care, Jay
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    If the Joo Joo ran WebOS, I would have pre-ordered one already.
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    did you see the number of ipad pre-orders? now is not the time to come out with a tablet and against Apple... again! lol. and another major reason not to... CONTENT. apple is ramping up all the content they can and will already be bullying kindle right out of the box. and then you add itunes in the mix. Apple is making a huge go at this... best to stand back and watch. I want to see how the HP Slate fares against it.
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    No need for a tablet, and I think it would be an unwise move for Palm to try and enter into a sector where there are so many risks, given their current situation. Maybe, maybe, one day they can do this if they get their stuff straight in the smartphone arena.
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    This would be a suicide run - Palm would be competing against Apple and other giants in a new marketplace. They are failing in their core marketplace, that's not the time to spilt their attention and their tiny pot of cash.

    The company would run out of cash in three months and be bust.
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    Oh, for Pete's sake! Here we go again! Apple innovates and takes some bold risks in a nascent market. Palm decides to clone it and pretend it was their idea all along. Is this really what any of you want to see? Palm copied the iPhone so closely that industry insiders were shocked when Apple didn't sue them. The PDK is code for iPhone app porting kit. Now, some of you are already calling for a Pre-pad.

    Palm will end up with shelves full of pads that they can't give away, sitting along side shelves of phones they can't give away. People don't want a copy of an original; they want an original. The only people who would buy a Palm branded pad in this environment are those who envy what Apple has done and want the experience, but hate Apple with religious fervor. There are simply not enough people who have an emotional reason not to buy the Apple original as opposed to the anti-Apple copy.

    Palm has to give up this ridiculous Apple obsession. They are not, and never will be Apple. Unfortunately, Palm seems to have forgotten what it is to be Palm. They were once such a proud leader in the industry. Now, they are reduced to little more than a maker of counterfeit Rolexes. Please, for the love of God and Palm, stop encouraging Palm to follow in Apple's footsteps everywhere they go. Palm will find success again when they rediscover their own lost soul.
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    Actually, Palm released a Large family-sized padd about 10 or so years ago, supposedly mounted on the refrigerator, it would sync all the families palms, and keep everybody updated on everybody eles. It was the size of the new iPad, and ran palm os, it did not do well. I can't quite remember the name but I think I saw it on opra, and it was named.... Alice (?). Did it even ship?

    the rebbi
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    Aviator, Palm Aviator that is the perfect name, it is a bold move up from the Palm Pilot.
    I want one.
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    well that's two..

    the rebbi
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