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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    Aviator, Palm Aviator that is the perfect name, it is a bold move up from the Palm Pilot.
    I want one.
    i like that name too.

    Lincoln has a car named the aviator, idk if that will be a legal problem tho..
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    Seems strange to fret about Palm entering the tablet space because Apple's already there. Apple was already there with a smartphone when WebOS showed up.

    I used an iPod for several months before getting a Pre, and even factoring out the phone capabilities, WebOS is far and away a better OS. What's more, Pre is relatively open, and doesn't rely on gatekeepers screening all the apps made for it, or locking all content down with DRM.

    However it would be pretty silly, imho, for Palm to go to another physical platform before it's consolidated at least a stable position among smartphones.
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