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    imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery?
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    It really doesn't look that similar at all if you ask me.
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    It's pretty unlikely because of the time scale on both the creative and production sides.
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    Both commercials are trying to address the same issue: Show the person who is using the phone and, at the same time, show what they are doing with the phone.

    Palm's is certainly more sylized and, I think, better, even if the actress doesn't sell the swiping away of notifications that well.

    I REALLY like watching her. Dynamite smile.
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    more like verizons palm i think. The sprint girls was spooky, to macaully caukn
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    Was that a phone add?

    Why doesn't anyone make an add about the phone anymore. and they wounder why these things don't take off. Show what the phones can do in a one on one add!
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