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    Hi All,
    As a previous treo 180 owner, I was familiar with the persistent echo problem while using the phone. I returned that unit a couple of months ago and have recently ordered a 270. I'm curious if HS had tackled the echo problem or is it still lingering with current 180's?

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    Still echoing like crazy on my 180 in NYC.
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    My Treo 180 is still echoing too.
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    Has there ever been any determination on what is causing the echo?
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    I have sadly realized and accepted that the speakerphone is useless except for VERY short periods of needing to get into the PDA while on a phone call. Even then I start making excuses before putting anyone on it.

    There are even less things perfect with it's owner

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    i would like to hear from one of the new 270 owners: has the echo problem been solved?
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    Well, once. In my car at 75mph on 101 talking long distance.

    Other than that, not a single comment from the other end or notice on mine.
    I was using the speakerphone Sunday with my Mom in Texas.
    Had the phone resting on my stomach in front of my laptop keyboard, and she could hear me but not the typing.
    I set the phone a foot to the left a couple times as I was on IM with my sister and typing a bit furiously. She could hear me then, too.

    No complaints from me about this fantastic little device.

    OK, except for lack of a mute function. Oh, won't that be the day?

    My two cents...

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    Major echo on my visor phone, w or wo headset. Absolutly no echo on my 270, w or wo head set or speaker phone. I love it....
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