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    So CTIA is at the end of this month. Does anyone know if Palm will be announcing anything? Or perhaps maybe I should ask what would you like to see them announce or will they even be there?

    I would like to see a new phone announced with some better hardware (like almost everyone else has been saying). Certainly will be interesting to see if Palm has anything to say. Your thoughts?
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    WebOS 2.0 hahahaa.. I dream..
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    Palm better release something soon, even though they are starting to look more like an acquisition/bankruptcy target more than anything.
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    the all new " Elan " will be announced !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    A new phone would be nice, I would like to see what they are working on for the next WebOS update...maybe give us some type of release month for 1.5...I love getting new updates :-)
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    It's going to be the new Pre++ for AT&T... hehe

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