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    My order status on UK. website for Treo 270 is PLANNED..

    What does it mean? What is the next status?? and when??)

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    is it possible that nobody ordered treo 270 from Europe and nobody's order status is PLANNED??

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    I ordered from Italy on UK Website on 28 may 6 pm and my status is "Order received"
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    When u recived ur new treo, who was the sender of ur pack? Handspring or Modus Media??

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    Modus media from NL
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    What do u think is it possible to pick up the new treo personally from them?

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    I don't know what multi media is, so I can't answer.
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    My status is also "PLANNED" which if I had to guess indicates that the device has been allocated from stock and scheduled for shipment but hasn't been picked yet?

    I'm just happy its not "backordered"
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    I am afraid this status 'planned' as **** as 'backordered'(

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    as bad as ) for the previous msg)


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