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    Big splash about "Save $200" for existing Visorphone owners on Handspring's website. But when you read the details you see that the $200 is OFF the "without activation" price of $699.

    - if you simply buy a 270 w. activation = $499!
    - if you're an existing VP user = $499.

    I'd have expected perhaps $100 off the activated price (for a net of $399 - man I'd JUMP on that one!!)

    Where's the beef??

    I'd like to simply get a 270, move my Cingular SIM to it from my Visorphone - and PRESERVE my existing cel phone number!

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    The entire thing is you do not have to pay for a new activation - You can keep your existing service and phone, instead of facing cancellation charges just to have it start back up again w/ the Treo.
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    IF I order a 180 today, it's $399 w. activation.
    IF I upgrade "from an existing organizer" I can get it for $299 [with activation].

    That's a savings of $100 - and seems to make sense to me!! And it's a nice incentive to switch!

    IF I order the 270, it's $499 w. activation.
    IF I'm an existing Visorphone user, and I decide to upgrade - it's STILL $499.
    - I would have thought that if I "upgraded" from the VP I could save $100 - and pay only $399.

    That's a meaningful savings - and consistent with the 180 upgrade offer.

    For the 180 "upgrade" they've got to burn a SIM, register the number, etc - since all I'm upgrading is an "organizer."
    - in fact, if I've already got a VP and want to upgrade to the 270, they don't need to burn the SIM or do anything else but ship! It's actually cheaper than the 180 upgrade from their point of view.

    - if I decide I still want to use the VP, then it should be my problem to get a new SIM, etc!!

    SO - they save effort AND charge me RELATIVELY more. Someone needs to re-think that process a bit.
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    Chucky -

    I understand your point of view. But comparing deals with vs. without activation isn't an apples to apples comparison - since the carrier pays Handspring a commision for selling a new activation and this subsidizes the phone. From Handspring's point of view - they're giving you $200 for having a VisorPhone (since they're not getting about that much from the carrier since you're not getting a new activation).

    So the one thing HS is NOT providing is an incentive to upgrade from a VisorPhone to a 270 IF you don't already have GSM service. But their point of view is that IF you have a VisorPhone then you WOULD have GSM service you'd want to transfer - unless you bought a Visorphone or serial number off a scalper just to get a discount :-) - which wouldn't do HS any good...

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    Paul, you have explained this well. I see the visorphone discount as a big one. It allows users with an existing plan to upgrade without a 1 year agreement with cancel ramifications to obtain and unit without a service agreement with a $200 discount.

    I certainly would have like to have seen HS and the carriers provide a program for a 270 to also just "extend" the existing contract and existing phone number 12 months with the purchase of a 270 at the $499 price. I think this is the missed opportunity for HS and the carriers.
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    George - yeah, they (Cingular) give you the option of renewing a new 12 month plan if your current one has expired, but not to just add 12 months to your existing plan - which seems like a good idea...

    Oh Well.


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