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    I started a Blazer update to a large web page, and decided to flip the cover down, stick the Treo in a pocket, and look at it in a few minutes. Of course, closing the cover caused Blazer to disconnect.

    Any Treo-Button-style programs let you override the closing action for the lid?

    And yes, I realize it would be an expensive mistake to forget that the Treo was connected and burning minutes in my pocket. You can set the idle timeout in the Network Preferences->Details menu, at least.
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    until TreoButton or something else comes out with support for changing the function of closing the lid, your best bet is to just start your browsing session with the lid closed. Pressing the up scroll button when asked to connect or not will tell it to connect. I'm not sure how following links will work with the lid down, but if the idea is to load a single long page with the Treo in your pocket for the timeout length, it should work.

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    Not an elegant solution, but you could try keeping the headset plugged in while the phone is in your pocket. I haven't tried this with a data call yet (and I can't right now because VS ISDN is down AGAIN) but I often walk with the phone closed in my pocket, with the headset in, talking on the phone. Is there a different setting which causes data calls to stop on lid close but leaves voice calls open if the headset is plugged in?


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