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    My treo 180g seems unable to receive 'concatenated SMS messages' properly (where the original text exceeds 160 characters so the sending SMS client divides it into several individual SMSs that the receiving client can re-assemble).

    I know that many phones don't reassemble the messages properly, and that parts can even arrive out of sequence, however, my treo seems to just fail to deal with them at all.

    I performed a test with a friend who sent such a message from their nokia 3310. The treo jumped into life giving me the 'SMS received' tone - but when I went to read the message there was nothing there - as if it had never arrived

    Has anyone else seen similar problems or does anyone have any ideas?

    thanks in advance

    - Albert
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    I've encountered almost the same problem. When a sms is forwarded from a pc or another phone - it comes out garbaged. Wondering if anyone out there has come across such a problem? Is there such thing as a "Telemetric system" which re-routes sms messages - does it make any sense? Anyone?
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