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    I'm so tired of the doom news about Palm. It just seems like the vultures are having a field day reporting how badly palm is doing...uggggh

    Engadget says they lost appx 2.1% market share for the 3 month period ending Jan 2010. Although the story doesn't really bash Palm too badly.

    Here is the link...

    Android's American market share soars, WinMo pays the price -- Engadget
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    Engadget is on of Palm's most vocal supporters.
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    Meanwhile, it still has only 1.4% lower marketshare than Android, which has been around longer, and has more devices, and that's considered "soaring".
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    It's cause of palm os... Contracts are ending, and people are moving on.. (can't blame them, palm os doesn't look that great anymore...)
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    I think the OS looks fine..however the hardware was weak from day one and it's catching up with them.

    I would really love to see some kick ***** hardware for WebOS to run on - and I wouldn't be afraid to pay extra for it. The iphone has never been cheap.

    Foxconn was a total failure as a vendor for the Pre hardwre. I dealt with them years ago when I used to do a lot of OEM PC work. Their products were allways junk..but they were "cheap" price-wise.

    Unfortunately...when all you got is a cheap price...all you got is a cheap price.

    If palm wants a great phone...choose amazing hardware for WebOS to run on.

    It's not complicated

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