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    Instead of crying on message boards, I suggest we all email Handspring and ask for an upgrade path.

    From my perspective they misrepresented (at least slightly) both the timing and the pricing here, and owe us Treo evangelists alot. I have personally "sold" 5 Treos already!

    My suggestion is we all send reasonable emails to Donna Duninsky, Handspring's CEO requesting some support and a reasonable upgrade path ($100-$150 for the upgrade, plus we send in our old unit for them to refurbish and resell). Must apply to people who bought through retail as well as

    What do you think??

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    I'm game. BTW, it's Donna Dubinski. And emailing Jeff Hawkins might be worthwhile too.

    If you can't post their email address, can you post the URL on Handsprings site where we might find it?
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    Sorry for the typo. Finding her email is a simple as typing her name (spelled Dubinsky) into google with the word email. It comes up a few times.

    Good luck!!
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    I was going to try calling them about an upgrade this week. Has anyone else?
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    Well, although I disagree with her response, I am impressed that she took the time to write one:

    Donna Dubinsky wrote me yesterday:

    First, thanks for buying a Treo, and for your early support. I'm sorry to hear that you feel disappointed in us. When we announced the monochrome Treo late last year, we decided that we would make it clear that we had a color version coming about a quarter later so that early purchasers would understand that, and take it into account when they made their choice. Indeed, our sense is that many people have decided to wait to see the color Treo before making their decision. While I realize that the differential on the pricing is less than we had anticipated at first, it is still $100 more expensive to purchase the color version than the monochrome version. So as an early user, you've had the advantage of using the product longer, and having a less expensiv
    e price, than the new product.

    I'd love to consider a program as you suggest but it is actually very expensive for us. We already offer a 30 day money back guarantee program for those who ordered the product recently and have changed their mind. But it is hard to keep extending this over a long period of time, and it makes less sense as the customer has gotten the use of the product over an extended period of time.

    I hope you can understand the dilemma we're in. We've tried to be fair to our early adopter customers by letting the know up front that this product was planned. But we also have to drive towards a model that can sustain us over the long run, and unlimited return and upgrade priviledges is a very difficult model to support.

    We've also supported early adopters by offering a patch upgrade to extend stand-by battery time. Thanks for taking the time to write, and for purchasing a Treo.
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    Is there a way for HS to offer us EAs (early adopters) the opportunity to buy a 270 without getting killed for not also buying a phone plan, and then transferring the plan we bought for our 180s to a new 270? Or does that not make any sense at all?
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    This is the same thing that Dubinsky responded to. Most people bought their Treos with discounts. Ebay is the way to go for folks that want to get the Treo 270.

    Originally posted by Fleischner
    Is there a way for HS to offer us EAs (early adopters) the opportunity to buy a 270 without getting killed for not also buying a phone plan, and then transferring the plan we bought for our 180s to a new 270? Or does that not make any sense at all?
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    Ebay is the way to go for folks that want to get the Treo 270.
    I would do that in a second if it weren't for my VoiceStream ball-and-chain.
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    You can certainly ebay your treo and keep your SIM card and move it to another phone, this had nothing to do wit your agreement. The problem is buying the new 270--you would have to buy the much more expensive unactivated one. That's why it's only practical if HS does the trade-up for us themselves.
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    Yeah, that's why I mentioned getting killed for not also buying a phone plan a few posted back. Handspring should give us at lease that break-- let original 180 owners buy the 270 at the un-activated price. They'd still get many hundreds of dollars from each of us and yet not pi$$ us off further.
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    I bought my wife a TREO 180. She loves it, I'm keeping my Prism/VisorPhone (I prefer the ability to use my Eyemodule2 and Memplug CF). However, I did the math on the TREO 180 purchase and with the VisorPhone promotion, it's likely that she can upgrade to the TREO 270 for a total out of pocket cost of only $350. Here's how:

    1) Must have taken advantage of's TREO180 with a $150 off rebate (has already expired, but was valid in April).
    2) Must have a VisorPhone and serial number.

    I know, the prerequisites above may rule out allot of folks... But for someone else who took advantage of Amazon's offer and also own a VisorPhone, someone else out there may be considering the same move I'm about to describe. Hopefully, it can help you decide if it's worth it to swap over to the TREO270.

    Here's how:
    1) I purchased the TREO 180 from with the $150 off rebate (with Service Activation). In the end, I'm paying about $250 for the TREO 180 ($399-$150=$249).
    2) Buy the TREO 270 for $499 direct from Handspring using the VisorPhone promotion (trade-up offer). At this point, I've spent a total of $749.
    3) Sell the TREO 180 on Ebay for about $400 (remember, I'm keeping the SIM Card from the TREO180 sale, to buy the same from Handspring without contract would cost about $500). Now, the total cost of the TREO 270 is down to $349.

    That's still about $51 cheaper than buying a new TREO180 (with contract) and $151 cheaper than buying a new TREO270 (with Contract) or $350 cheaper than buying a new TREO270 without contract! But now it's color and I could resell it on Ebay likely at a break-even in 6 months-a year when the TREO 360 is released (hopefully with an SD Expansion slot).

    For me, it made sense to buy her the TREO 270. Hope this is helpful to someone else... I placed the order for the TREO 270 this morning. I should get it next week, perhaps. If/when I do, I'll do a mini review (unless someone else already has) before my wife gets it

    Happy TREO'ing!
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