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    So Palm called me last night, and asked me questions about how to improve the Pre, and anything we need to see in future devices.

    I mentioned building an iPad like device, and the next Palm phone to be similar to a Nexus One/Moto Droid build.

    Has anyone else been getting these calls?
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    You better have said virtuial keyboard.
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    ipad device? Yikes. It'll be a waste of time.

    Nexus One / Droid build is where you nailed it. Also, you should have told them to hire a better/real marketing company.
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    Reloading of web pages when idle, web browser unresponsive, virtual keyboard, random restarts out of sleep in 1.4, lag, battery issues.
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    Also reassured me to use the feedback portion of the palm website, that those emails go directly to their west coast corporate office.
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    I would like a HD2 or Nexus One sized phone, but an iPad device? No thanks.

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