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    I understand the current treo is compatible with GPRS but the CDMA will be different technology. How does the CDMA compare with the GPRS. Is it just speed? They're both made for data so im wondering.

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    I would like to know, should I wait for the Sprint CDMA version of the Treo or get the GPRS version now and then wait for the GPRS upgrade (heard Dec or Jan 2002)? This is what I understand of the two. The CDMA is going to be released on Sprints new network. I have heard the speeds are going to be better than the GPRS, but you are not always connected. GPRS will allow you to be always connected, but a little slower than the Sprint network. Voicestream and Cingular are running the GPRS and Sprint is CDMA. From my past experiences, I think Sprint has the better network for phone calls as far as clarity and not being dropped, atleast in my area. I don't know about eithers data service.

    Also, what kinds of data plans will each use and what will be the prices? That could be the deciding factor for me.

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