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    Warning, general rant (flamers need not apply):

    Like the wind, I am becoming a bit fleeting over the Treo line,
    which I have been waiting for the color version.

    Is anyone else?

    Treo 90 would have been a perfect compromise if it supported
    bluetooth... I have to wonder if this was purposeful on
    Handsprings part not to include it, or in a rush to market,
    they simply delayed? I thought Palm 4.X supported SD I/O

    Also, if the screen is like the m130, it is not hi-res

    Now that Handspring is selling them in the US, to be shipped in
    2-3 weeks (ha, I'll believe it when I hear others say it),

    Right now, the Clie NR70 just seems more interesting...
    I like the metal case of the clie, the plastic of the treo 180
    and I assume the 270 and 90 just seems a bit flimsy.

    What is everyone elses thoughts?
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    For only $100 more, the NR70 offers so much more than the Treo 90. The metal casing feels sturdier than any other handheld I've ever held, and I was surprised that I like its keyboard even more than the Treo's. The audio, even without headphones, is incredible. Its virtual graffiti scheme blows away Handera's.

    All this was the first impression I got after playing with one at CompUSA for about three minutes. There's no question that the NR70 is going to slaughter every other PDA within $100 of its price range.

    The only thing that keeps me from defecting to Sony is the need for integrated telephony and connectivity. After using the Kyo 6035 for a few months, there's no way I'm going back to a standalone PDA, and especially not the Treo 90 -- with or without Bluetooth.

    Providence help Handspring when Sony moves into the communicator space.
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    I've seen enough! It's not likely that Handspring will ever see another dime of my money.

    Of course, with all the Springboard dollars I've invested they've already seen alot of my dimes.

    I shoulda stuck with Palm. But at least there's Sony and their sweet NR70!
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    The disappointment of this Treo release has driven me to do something I haven't done since Handspring was founded - look at Pocket PC alternatives. The Audiovox PPC Phone coming out in July looks kinda promising at first blush.


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