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    I downoladed and installed the upgrade 1.0, but actually, when I pick up a mobile number from contact list, my treo tries to send the message to that number, but just like it was an e-mail address.
    Did anyone experience the same problem with sms application ?
    And there's anyone so good to solve it ?
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    I've got the same problem with treo 270.
    I'm not sure if it depends on transfering the old database from my visor to the treo. Have you
    transfered your old db too?

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    I just syncronised my treo and outlook, never transfered a db.
    Anyway, my sms application worked fine before I installed the upgrade 1.0.
    I'm quite sure it depends on it, and I'm surprised none experienced the same trouble.
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    I wrote a message to the german support and try to find out how to solve the problem. There was no hint on that problem in the newsgroups...
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    I'll wait for any news.
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    Nothing new from support...

    but there is something that I've seen this morning.

    If I put in the number by copy-paste. The letter in the parentheses is an H (Home). Received SMS are marked with an M (Mobile).

    IMHO the mobilenumber is internally marked as homenumber and as an result to this the program will send the sms to the emailaddress.

    Within this week I will test to make a hardreset and set up a new address by hand. I will keep you informed.
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    I've found this:

    pick the (M) number from phone book and it marks as nothing (nor (M) neither (H)); delete last number and type it again and it will marK it as (M).

    It's not properly immediate, but It's the only trick I found to pick numbers from ph. app.
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    Hoops, I forgot to tell you something.
    My brother owns a treo 270 and he has not our trouble w/ sms application.
    everything works fine for him !
    I don't know why, but he synchronises his contacts from outlook just like me.
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    Maybe it was a bad idea to put a beer mat under the right side of the treo while beaming the data from visor... ;-)

    Wouldnt it be boring if all of this stuff will work immediately?
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    do you really think so ?

    I'll keep on trying
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    Back again,

    a short question before I will check the steps I described...

    Did you install any non-handspring software before you transfered the address-data?
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    yes, I did.
    Do you think that could be the problem ?
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    The german support suspect that this could be the problem. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $we$ $are$ $the$ $only$ $ones$ $who$ $have$ $this$ $problem$... ;-)

    And after I will have my vaio back at work (installing suse80... and have a lot of things to fix by hand) I will check if they are right...

    Have a nice weekend...

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    Done this...

    but it won't help. I will try to extract addressbook next and take a look at it...
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    1. Exported the AdressDB under linux with pilot-address
    2. Hardreset
    3. Import the addresses with pilot-address

    All mobile-entries are marked as "other".

    4. Put them to mobile by hand.

    This is not a suggestion from support... I've done it yesterday and it works for me.


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    But what about not using linux?
    I'm a Bill Gate's slave ...

    Anyway, thanx
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    My suggestion:

    Don't use the old synchronisation tool.

    Install the software from the treo cdrom (Read the steps of installation guide carefully)

    Sync your visor with it.
    Sync your treo with it.

    Don't beam or transfer the AddressDB directly.


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