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    I own a Treo 180g/European version and I have to say the phone part is really well-designed. One thing I haven't been able to find though is a summary function for outgoing phone calls - this would be very useful to ensure I do not run over my GSM subscription (x hours a month).
    Call duration is available on a call basis, but not aggregate. In fact, setting an alarm when a certain total has been reached would be even better. Otherwise, I'll try and create a small utility to that effect
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    I found an application that seems to just what I need, it's called B'Alerted PhoneInfo and v0.5b is freeware. Check (
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    I was actually much more impressed with CellPlan Tracker... very sophisticated! Check it out on PalmGear.


    DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the program, just a happy user.
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    I second the Cell Plan Tracker App. It even does SMS and measures regular CSD calls now.

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