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    So I'm driving up I-95 in philly and i see a decent ad on a billboard for the new palm pre/pixi +. All it says is palm, palm, palm. Nowhere on that billboard did it have a) how to get it, b) what carrier. it didn't even seem like it was a mobile phone in the add. Just a PDA. Verizon's logo or name was nowhere on that ad/billboard.

    Earlier that morning, i saw a bus-stop ad for palm as well, same thing, no carrier mentioned, just a pic of the device, and tiny words.

    After i passed that billboard on i-95, literally less than a mile away, there was a HUGE billboard for the "Droid" with Verizon|Google on the bottom left of the billboard, very clear, very obvious.

    VZW truly dislikes Palm, this is not advertising, this is a joke. If it's Palm's doing with the ad, then they're morons. If I did not know much about Palm, i would never know what the ad is really for. the lettering was too small, and no carrier mentioned. Palm, you're not as ubiquitous as the iPhone, so do me a favor and BUMP UP YOUR ADS to the next level.
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    Palm is bringing phones to AT&T soon (sometime in the first half of 2010) so probably did not want their advertising to be carrier specific.

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    havent seen the ads in particular but i agree, it should be obvious.

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