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    I reciently bought my palm pre and have been loving it. this is my first smart phone and everything has been really new for me (1.4)version . I tethered my phone and that took a while now i paid for the nes emulator (0.9) version and activated it. When i go to the app it self and there are only a couple of options in it Load roms, load state, preferance, and activation. so when i click on load roms there are only two crappy games. So how do i add more?

    Some websites talk about debian and other stuff about rooting and stuff. not sure how to follow those directions cause they get complicated. other screens show a picture of the pre in some mode where it looks like MS dos where it is black and white and you type in the game name but i don't see how it is to get to that point. Very lost please help.
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    i cant speak of the nes emulator but for all other emulators for pre you put the roms in the roms file in the usb partition also do not ask for any links to roms because forums rules dont allow for posting links to them google is your friend

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