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    As HS Support team could not be of much help...

    Does any of you have any idea how to find out if my TREO is of US version (GSM 900/1900) or European (GSM 900/1800) ?

    Support replied: Only by the labels on the original box (which I don't have since it's 2nd hand)
    They could not get it out of my Serial number which is surprising.
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    Good question...!

    The information is available within the Treo's Wavecom GSM module but it is not easy to access this.

    Other ways to figure this out...

    1. Is your quick reference guide multilingual? If yes, then you almost certainly have a GSM 900/1800 Treo.

    2. Which region did you acquire it from?
    In both Asia & Europe only 900/1800 Treos are available.

    3. Some GSM carriers use the suffix -1800 for 1800 MHz based GSM services. You could try searching for other networks and see if any have this suffix. (Alternatively look for networks which only use 1800 MHz etc)

    Good luck!


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