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    Is there an app that will allow voice recording on a Treo? Afterall, it has a mic and the Samsung i300 does it.
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    What app. does the i300 use? you might be able to reuse that or contact the writer of it to modify for the treo...
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    I have a Sprint phone I hate and really want to upgrade to a Treo, but must admit I use the voice recording feature of my Sprint Samsung clamshell quite a bit. i put quick directions and addresses in it before i go out; thats all i want it for: quick simple short messages, not long dictations. Limited number of messages of short length is fine. any way to add this to the Treo?
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    As much as I like my 180g, I can't help having the feeling that my old Ericsson T28, was much easier to use while driving, as it had Voice Control & Dialing.

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