In Sweden Treo 180 costs a ridiculus $850. If you try to buy it from UK or Germany its almost the same prize due to
1 very high initiating prices.
2 exchange courses deviating more than 10 % from the market.
Obiously all of Handsprings offices are working together.
If I go turisting in Germany I can buy it in retail for $659(Markt und Media). This is the only place in Europe where I have found any sign of competition besides the Ebays in UK and Germany where it cost around $400-$500.
This must be initiated in the head office in USA and is very strange when you consider how quick they change prices in USA.
Can anyone tell me 1) how much is the export tax for a Treo to EU ? 2) how much is the transport cost to Europe for such a small packet.
I find this so stupid that I'm hesitating to buy. Will there be a Handspring tomorrow? Bo Loftrup