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    Just went into BestBuy here in Olympia Washington and they said Sprint told them not to sell anymore aircards until further notice. Something about either the network or hardward? They said they can sell me a verizon one.
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    I have a friend that works as a Sprint care rep, and he told me Sprint is planning on pushing more WiMax modem cards. They want customers to use more of the 4G network. He didn't mention anything about Sprint no longer selling cards, but it could be that they are waiting for the new 4G cards. It has been rumored for years that Sprint is going to ditch CDMA/EV-DO altogther, because Qualcomm is too greedy with their royality fee's and chipsets. That is the main reason why Nokia stopped their merger with Sanyo, because Nokia wasn't willing to pay those high fee's. A lot of vendors and carriers are getting sick of dealing with Qualcomm.

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