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    I love my treo - I talk alot and use my pda a lot. I also like to get email, and have set up Treo Mail to check every hour.

    I've considered getting Voicestream's Istream once the GPRS update is out. My understanding is that it will speed up browsing times, and be "always on" for instant browsing and pushing email.

    But really, what's the big deal? I doubt the added value of GPRS is really worth the price (I assume it will be about $15-30 a month). Treo Mail is pretty fast at sending/receiving email. Faster or always on browsing would be nice, but I don't need to browse every day.

    Is it really worth the extra price?
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    Originally posted by heberman
    Is it really worth the extra price?
    My understanding (and I hope I'm right) is that the GPRS upgrade will allow constant "push" of e-mail to the Treo without the need for a manual (or pre-timed) connection. This approach offers the advantage of instant notification of every e-mail message and, depending on the price of GPRS service, could be significantly less than constantly using phone minutes for e-mail.
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    Perhaps, GPRS is no big deal for you in the US. In Europe, it is a very cool feature, since there is no monthly fee, you only pay for the traffic you create. This means that you can be online 24h, paying nothing for that, instead of calling your provider once each hour for one minute just to get some bytes of mail or none at all.
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    GPRS is a big deal because:

    a. Its always on liek cable. Just go in a digital area with coverage and you are ready to do anything on the net. No need to dial into anything.

    b. Its relatively fast compare to the 9.6 kbps speed on regular dialup accounts.

    c. You dont pay for the minutes that you are online but for how much data usually in MB) you use. This mean sbig savings. Hwne I connect through dialup, I am paying even if I do nothing on the net.

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