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    Personally I like the Palm Defender.

    Mainly because it's going to be both Palm's sword and shield against the world - it's make or break. And also it has a 'manly' ring to it. No more mums or sexy curves please.

    So what do you think it should be named?
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    Palm Pandemic.

    The phone that's so awesome that it spreads across the lands until everyone has it.
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    I like Palm Premiere.
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    I like palm breeze
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    Palm Redemption.
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    Palm needs a Predator
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    palm prixi? Lol
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    Im a big fan of Palm Prime.
    Begins with a P, and sounds much better to me than Pre or Pixi.
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    My device history:

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    I like preo also (in a later post)
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    Keeping with the Pre theme, I'm going with Present or Post.
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    im gonna go ahead and say palm preo
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    I think they will have the Pre (insert upgrade here) for the next Pre, just like they did for the Pre plus, but if they launch an entirely new device mainly targeted at the business users they will keep the Treo name.
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    Palm Sweat
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    Palm Pilot 4G


    Palm Quatro
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    One of the nice things about the name "Pre" is that (paraphrasing from the ad agency that thought up the name) "it's not trying to 'out-cool' all the others." Like, you've got all these glorified dumbphones and featurephones with names like the BLITZ and the AVALANCHE and the BEHOLD -- it's stupid. Even names of some good smartphones, like the Hero and the Legend, scream "I was named by a 15-year-old kid just after he saw 2012!"

    That said, I can't think of a cool name for the Pre's follow on. Actually, I think the brand is strong enough despite all the negativity for some variation on the Pre name to work - "Pre 2," "Pre P-250," etc.
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    Palm Predator, I like it
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    Palm Pre Plus Plus
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
    Im a big fan of Palm Prime.
    Begins with a P, and sounds much better to me than Pre or Pixi.

    I think i was the was to come up with that name first? lol
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    Palm Stratus, seeing that the cloud is the basis for webOS experience.
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