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    Palm Essence
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    I still think they need to go back to Palm Pilot. Everyone knows that name. Whatever they choose, it needs to say something ABOUT THE PHONE. The names of every phone out there (including Palm's phones) say nothing about the phone. That's what makes the name iPhone so good. It's a phone that is integrated with the internet. Simple.

    What is a Storm, a Hero, a Droid, or a Pre Plus going to do for someone that isn't a student of cell phone naming.

    They need a descriptive name. That's another reason I like Palm Pilot...
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    Palm Purple People Eater
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    if all of the marketing is targeted to women, they should call it the palm panty!
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    Palm Alchemy

    Made of Titanium to shut up all the build queens. Price $1800 w/2yr contract
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    Palm Quantum (or PQ for short). nuff said :P
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    Palm GTI
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    I second the Palm Prime name, just sounds like it fits with the pre/pixi names
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    Palm Pre ELITE

    Same pre design a little bigger to about 4.2-4.5 inch OLED screen
    No physical Keyboard all virtual keyboard
    Fast Processor,1gb ram
    16GB & 32GB versions
    better plastic or just plastic on the back with more glass on the front or rubber finish.

    I also like the Palm SuPREme the other poster mentioned maybe the SuPREme for heavy business users who like the Physical keyboard but personally I love the virtual keyboards & I am not alone I use to hate them at first (huge fingers) but with practice I grew to love them, less space, no broke keys, dirty keys & take up less space.

    The P Premo,
    The Premo
    The Palm Premo

    Palm can pick up some market share with a fun smartphone to compete with Iduds, & androids while also keeping the keyboard phones to go after blackberry business users especially since blackberry is copying off of Palm with a touch screen slider keyboard phone. They need better marketing for these devices tho... need to show the multi tasking & the sexyness each phone, while also showing how all models would suit different people even those in business. If the marketing targets everyday uses of the phone, people will buy & developers will flock to the platform. webOS blows every OS out of the water especially iPhone OS & Blackberries
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    I don't what happened to my post

    Palm Elite
    Palm PrELITE
    Same Pre Design better build, better material, no physical keyboard more ram, two version 16&32gb bigger screen maybe OLED

    Palm Premo

    Other poster Palm SuPREMe is also very good
    These would be business line phones with physical keyboards & touch screens target to businesses users who like the physical keyboards
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    Wouldn't it be natural to have one called Palm Fem(me) as it's so round and even got a mirror for the gals out there. Seriously, they even state in the user manual that the Pre is a chick phone; you got to have nails to open the battery cover - what guy(s) have nails?!?

    - Yeah, I know some does, but they dress nice too ...

    Other than that, Palm NXT (next), Pun (intended 8o), Plus, Strut, Boob (replacement - cause we're watching the darn thing instead of boobs these days), 4GS ...

    Ok, I'll stop.

    {I never liked playing with cards until webOS made it useful}
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    Palm Novus
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    Palm PRY [as in - You'll have to PRY this thing from my cold dead Palm]

    * with apologies to Dieter's Apr 1 post
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    Palm Preditor

    3.7 inch screen 1ghz processor, landscape slider, 1 gig ram and rom, 32gig onboard storage, 3g/4g capable for sprint.
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    palm pilot. Everyone knows that that means. Cute names with no meaning (like Pre) are a waste..

    iPhone = a phone with integrated internet. Brilliant name even I they hadn't already coined 'i'-everything.

    bacck to the basics of merit-baed marketing. Name should tell peope what it wil do for them.

    they also had the right idea with 'life drive' but the product itself sucked.

    Palm Pilot is still known universally as the device to organize your life.

    WebPilot might work, WebPhone, WebMan (like WalkMan), etc.
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    if like palm elite, but it would have to call it the palm eeeeeeeeliteeee if my keyboard doesn't get fixed soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettwerk View Post
    Palm Novus
    What does that tell us the phone will do for the user?
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    how about Palm Venti
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgesicas View Post
    how about Palm Venti
    What does that tell a person about the phone or how it will make their day better?
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    Palm 4G
    Palm G4
    Palm Nova
    Palm Neo
    Palm XG
    Palm Zion
    Palm Phenix
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