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    HP Previllion.

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    Palm Beast
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    Palm Pilot. Still a recognized and valuable name. I hate the name Pre. Makes me ask "pre-what?"

    prehistoric? Pre-release?

    go with Palm Pilot
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    PrPrPr&#$275$; $HD$. $Records$ $1080$ $with$ $a$ $4$.$8$ &$quot$; $screen$.
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    PALMela Anderson.
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    Palm iSuck
    Palm Nexus None
    Palm Suckersonic
    Palmberry Swerve
    Palm Zero
    Palm Void
    The Saint
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    hmmm...... Lets see

    the palm grand prix
    the palm treo 2010
    the palm suPREam

    okie dokie that's my list and I would
    like to add...Ahhh!!!, I just love the
    smell of naPALM in the morning.
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    Palm Quad (4G)
    Palm Prism
    Palm Serious
    Palm Ultimate
    Palm eXtreme
    Palm Rush
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    I'm betting on Palm Pilot, Palm Pro, or Palm Pre 2.

    The last name there (Pre 2) has the added advantage that when the inevitable 3rd gen phone comes out (the Palm Pre 3), they can market it as the Palm PR3!
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    The Last Supper.
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    palm flash
    palm hotel
    palm tree
    palm stigma
    palm fastfoward
    palm pillar
    palm precious
    palm pride
    palm baillout
    palm shuttle

    remember life moves fast don't miss a thing
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    Palm Pre-nup....You'd be stupid not to get one!
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    The palm pre--killer
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    palm pre....killer
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    Palm C11?
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    I love the cloud idea.

    Palm Stratus
    Palm Nimbus
    Palm Cirrus
    Palm Cumulus
    Palm Cumulonimbus (okay a little long)

    lovely and latin sounding, and some also have a 'speedy' feel.
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    two words:
    Pallm Pilot.

    'nuff said.

    palm pre sounds like a girl's phone, especially when couple with tjeir sexist commercials.
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    Palm Springs 5G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    Palm Pre-nup....You'd be stupid not to get one!
    best one so far thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
    Im a big fan of Palm Prime.
    Begins with a P, and sounds much better to me than Pre or Pixi.

    Just came over to this subforum to talk about this very name as I just saw it in another thread. I absolutely LOVE it. Palm Prime just sounds awesome.
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