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    "my next phone" Well, only if it's solid-built, and has enough extra "stuff" to be worth replacing the Pre.

    Can't think of a cool name.. that's why I am in IT and not marketing.
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    palm jack bauer
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    The palm presence.

    The palm vigor

    The palm whoops a frickin daisy.... whoops a daisy.... we're gonna hafta clean that up and my BUDDIES! my PALS! my AMIGOS! immona git my gear......

    Let's help palm get on the RIIIGHT TRAAACK!!!!

    "Chris farley"
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    Palm Stage
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    Just please don't let it have another gay name like Elan! C40 would be fine, so would Prime or Predator.
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.
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    Palm Pegasus
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    palm pal....
    palm prestige....
    palm protocol....
    palm webos

    and den after this one...will come the palm precious lol seeing how things went with pre to pixie
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    - Palm "G" Spot - if it has Hot spot
    - If they name it Palm "Elan" the next one should be Palm "Tiger"
    - You-Phone
    - Palm Nexus 1

    In Mexico
    - Palm Salsa

    In Canada
    - Palm ehh

    Palm X
    "I'm sorry your phone is smarter than you"
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    palm presidio
    palm prestige
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    Palm Panorama. Full tablet device ala Nexus One.
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    what do you guys think about palm shepard
    the palm for real commanders
    no, really.
    i would like to see a palm cream
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    The Palm Punk

    It would a no holds barred superphone with skulls etched all over the back.
    Sprint Technical Consultant
    BSE Electrical Engineering
    Palm Pre - WebOS 1.4.5 - UberKernal 500/1000 Screenstate
    RIM Blackberry Bold 9650 - OS
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    The Palm dookie 2.0, the palm ***** plus & the palm ******bag.. all on the "now and then" network from sprint.....
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    Palm Pour Home or Palm Pour Femme
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    Palm Air (cloud reference)
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    Palm Pimpin. Pimpin.
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    The Palm Paranoid - commercials use black Sabbath Paranoid as their theme song.
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    palm pro
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    Palm Extinct!
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    the new palm treo
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