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    favorite phone + favorite cookie = better phone!

    Palm Proero

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Palm Genesis aka Palm Gen ^_^
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    How about something like Palm Pre Squared (with a superscript 2 beside the Pre)
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    I'm gonna stick with their "Palm P..." thing here. So here are some things off the top of my head...

    Palm Passion. Plausible, but lots of guys wouldn't go for it... I might though.
    Palm Precision. This suggests, unlike the Pre... high build quality.
    Palm Presence. Sounds current.
    Palm Pristine. Same problem as Passion.
    Palm Process. I bit geeky sounding.
    Palm Pensive. Sounds useful.
    Palm Pro. Sounds high end, but predicatable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    I think i was the was to come up with that name first? lol
    Probably so . Didn't say I came up with it, just that I liked it the most
    HP Touchpad: I just cant quit you, baby.
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    I vote for Palm Elan. What do I win?
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    palm PROmetheus
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    pre2 is good enough for me.
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    +1 for palm pilot
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    Oh wait, that's what the iPad should have been called.
    VisorPhone Clone
    (Please do not thank me - I find it scary)
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    Victory for me, as always.
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    Palm Majesty.
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    palm psychic the phone that knows what you want
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    how about the palm problematic....j/k naw how about the palm plus one or just palm plus
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    the palm post
    the pre was the trial phone and now they know what they need to fix/change, they can build the perfect phone.
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    the Palm POW!
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    Sprint: 2-TouchPad 32g, Frank.-Pre-2, Pre-, MiFi & 1-LG Lotus with Xlink tied to home handsets. Backups: 650 & 700wx

    HP Please release the CDMA Pre3 phones!
    We want them!!!
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    no wait! Palm **!
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    Dangit! Sensor police. Palm Foo! (spelled F. U.)
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    I still like 063 xobx idea on the preo, it would be like a rebirth of the treo but in webos form,kinda pixi like but wider and with a bigger screen, with RF output so i can beam stuff.
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