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    I've been hearing that Palm would be taken over, do you think this would happen? I'm hoping it doesn't.
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    Kinda old rumor, started rumbling around last October-ish. Nokia was the most suggested buyer, Dell and Microsoft both tagged, maybe Motorola. Given what Palm is technically worth, I doubt that a full takeover would happen, but I could see a company licensing WebOS and hardware designs to get a stronger foothold. Nokia would be my bet, since Symbian is on the old side, latest phones haven't been all that spectacular, stuff like that.

    Could be a good thing, if it happens. More money for development, advertising, store training.........all stuff Palm needs.
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    Nokia kinda doubt it. They have Maemo (now renamed MeeGo) and Symbian.
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    Palm will never die or be taken over.

    They have a secret contract with the devil - every time someone anywhere on the internet posts a negative article or doubting comment about them, a nickel is deposited in their bank account.

    This contract is retroactive to the beginning of the company, so they have enough cash to at least finish out the year, just from the doubters over at PalmInfoCenter.

    The devil thought it was a great deal - only a nickel, right? But Palm is laughing all the way to the bank.

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    Palm being taken over isn't impossible, and it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing depending on who performed the takeover and what their goals are for the company.
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    Hey heres a crazy thought.. Forget Nokia, Motorola, HP, blah blah.. They all stink. Do you know who would be the best guys to join with Palm??

    NINTENDO! Imagine a Nintendo phone running webos but with Nintendo games.. Oh my god, dont do this to me, I would buy it straight away
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    Oh I didnt realise there was already a thread about Nintendo and Palm, there I was thinking it was my idea!

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