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    Yes, the giveaway will now commence!
    This giveaway will be posted to the Treo Yahoo! Group, the message board, and the Visor/TreoCentral Treo message board.

    The prizes are:
    1 Case Techworks Treo II Convertible case with belt clip
    1 Krusell Handit case for Treo with Multidapt (including miniclip, belt clip, car mount, and bike mount)

    To enter the giveaway, you must send your full name and e-mail address directly to me at "flux AT snapbag DOT com". Only one entry per person will be accepted. Entries not sent to my e-mail address will be ignored.

    The DEADLINE for giveaway entries is 7 AM, Pacific time, May 23 (that's tomorrow!). The cutoff will be determined by the date and time shown in my e-mail client of the time your e-mail was sent to me, so don't procrastinate!

    The winners will be chosen randomly from all entries in the following manner. Entries will be listed alphabetically by last name then first name. Each entry will then be assigned a number starting from 1. A random number will be chosen from the available numbers using PickANum, and PalmOS program developed for SeaPUG by a SeaPUG member (available on the site for those who want a copy). The winners will be notified by e-mail, so make sure you give me your complete and correct e-mail address with your name, especially if it's not the one with which you send your entry.

    Entries may include a note of preference for which of the two cases you prefer, just in case the two winners want different cases. Otherwise, the first number chosen will get his/her preference, and the other will get the other case. If you specifically don't want one of the cases, feel free to note that as well, and I can pick another winner that might want the leftover case.

    I will ship the prizes to the winners via USPS mail at the absolute lowest price I can possibly get for the packages. If you want other delivery, let me know and you can PayPal me some money for something better. Otherwise you'll just have to wait. ;-)

    Any questions, please feel free to include them in your entry, and I'll reply as necessary.

    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    Forgot to say, please make the subject of your e-mail meaningful to me.
    Something like "Treo Case Entry" would be great.

    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    The contest is over, and the winners have been chosen.
    I will notify the winners directly by e-mail to arrange delivery. If you
    don't get an e-mail, assume that you didn't win.
    Thanks to everyone for participating!

    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    Hey Greg-
    The case arrived Friday, and I slapped it on my belt right away.
    The Techworks design swivels, which my Brookstone defintiely doesn't.
    I'll give it some time this week and see how I like the difference. I expect it will be a good change.

    Rarely do I win anything worth winning- proof that it's worth entering!
    Impatience makes you UGLY.
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    I got the Krusell case Friday, the 25th. Man! Talk about encased! This case is designed to protect your Treo. It's a little bulkier than my Case Techworks convertible, but not as big the Brookstone. I'll wear it for a while and let you know how I feel.
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