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    I am a new Treo owner (past user of Palm III and Visor Platinum), and am not happy about the backlight. Specifically, when the phone rings, the backlight switches on automatically. This sounds great, but in many lighting conditions it makes the screen unreadable. Does anyone know of a hack/app that might allow the backlignt to blink on and off at an acceptable rate (like every 0.5-1.0 seconds) so that the display can be read in all lighting conditions when a call comes in?
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    There is no known remedy for this "feature".

    One thing some folks do is install a hack to invert the backlight - "greenlighthack" - but at least for me this hack caused instability.

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    The same discussion is going on in:
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    I have used GreenLightHack on my Platinum--not great and still interferes with readability.

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