I've not been able to get a straight answer from Handspring so I thought I'd ask the real experts "here in our forum.... the Treo Court."

Is it possible to connect to the internet with Blazer and a modem other than the wireless modem in the Treo? I've not been able to do it either through my Psion infrared modem or my old Nokia 8290. Eudora can... Palmscape can... but the Blazer cannot. Am I missing somthing here? Can anyone else confirm?

I can connect through Network Preferences to my Psion and then open Blazer and immediately it will turn the wireless modem on even if it was off! This really perturbs me. The Blazer page on handspring clearly says that their browser will run on any Palm OS device and most of them don't have wireless built in.

I use Eudora most of the time for this reason. Is there a browser besides Blazer that anyone can reccomend?