Am I the only one who thinks this would be useful?

The Setup: When I travel I take along a hard copy printout of my address book, and could easily take along a few weeks of calendar printout. So in the worst case of a hard treo failure I could get by. What I am most concerned about is backing up the NEW data I input to my treo while I am away.

The Proposal: I’m not a programmer, but in order to do synchs I assume that the treo already stores info on what is new since the last synch. So why not have a program that would use this info to generate a file that contains only the data that are new since the last synch? You could then send an e-mail to your chosen address with this file as an attachment. Since it only contains the new data, it shouldn’t take too godawfully long to send, and if we get GPRS it might be positively brief.

Then, in the event of a hard failure, when you got back to your PC with the treo desktop (the one you last synched to), you could run the program, which would read the e-mailed file, and reconstruct complete and updated files from your trip, in essence synching up to when you created the e-mailed file.