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    I use my Google Voice solely for visual voice mail, and it bums me that I can't seem to find the option to listen to voicemails from the Google Voice mobile page when using my Pre.

    It seems to be an option (maybe using an iPhone?) when you search the GV help files- there should be a "Play" button at the bottom of each voice mail when you open, but I see no such "Play".. Am I not looking in the right place?

    I go to the Inbox screen, tape the vmail I want to view/listen to, and all I can do is read the transcribed vmail- not play it (as there's no button).

    I use the Visual Voicemail app for now for that. Google's dial-in doesn't help much either because unless the voice mail is new, there's no way to listen to voice mails when dialing my GV number.
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    If you go to "classic" mode, you can play them there. Or you can add an email address to google voice and set it up to send audio files of messages to your email. You can then play them from your inbox.


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    Yeah, I do have them sent to my e-mail boxes, and it does work well that way- but you'd think they would fix that issue.. When you say "classic" mode, what do you mean exactly?

    Nevermind: I figured out how to go into "Older version" mode..


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